Da me a te a Noi

>>>> Da me a te a Noi<<<<
Lavoro di esplorazione sulle danze di coppia

E se il nostro corpo ne sapesse di più di quanto la nostra testa ci possa suggerire? E se imparassimo ad ascoltarlo per lasciarci guidare?

Durante questo workshop esploreremo il nostro corpo: impareremo a sentire come reagisce alla musica, quali emozioni passano attraverso di essa e come.

Quindi, una volta che ci siamo conosciuti, possiamo unirci ad un’altra persona, osservarla, ascoltarla e sentire come reagisce nella danza.

Quali messaggi ed emozioni mi da?
Poi sarà il mio turno e dovrò identificare ciò che do e come lo faccio.

Per finire sceglieremo un linguaggio corporale condiviso e/o complementare per guidare e seguire senza sofferenze o imposizioni, nè per se nè per gli altri.

Allora inizieremo la “Danza co-guidata”

In questo workshop si useranno principalmente come base di lavoro mazurke e scottish ma nulla è deciso e ci adatteremo alle esigenze, livelli, ecc dei partecipanti.

Il workshop sarà tenuto da Ellwen del “Trio Baladins”

Il costo del workshop è di 15 euro.
Info e prenotazioni:
Marco 3294410495 

Ellewn says:

Diversity defines me, since the beginning.

Because I’m born from a Breton father and a Reunionese mother, it’s easy for me to feed myself with all the cultures I can.

So, when I was a child everything was an excuse to create a “show”, a choreography, a story (…etc) and almost everywhere. Then it was normal to me to start to learn theatre and dance.

I did a lot of different kind of dances : contemporary, modern-jazz, classical… and it was my big passion for many years but then I had many health problems which stopped me for a while.

But I decided that it wasn’t the end for me and I started to learn Breton dances with my family. It worked for about ten years and finally my body stopped me again.

I spent five years thinking that I wouldn’t be able to dance again and I didn’t during all this time. Then I met Julien and I was really moved when he came back from Gennetines, thrilled and filled of happiness. I felt it and followed him to St Gervais to try to dance again.

And this time I understood.

I understood that I had to listen to my body , to feel it, to adapt my movements in order to dance with myself.

Then everything became possible.

Back to Britanni I decided to organize balfolk and to be a member of the association “La Balette Saucisse”.

It gave me courage and pleasure to dance every month, then every week, in festivals, balfolks and also in other kind of dances like tango, contact improvisation, kizomba, zouk, lindy hop…

Balfolk dances are for me the perfect way to explore and express all kind of cultures and movements.

I began to do workshops in pairs and that’s where I discovered that teaching and sharing brings me as much joy as dancing itself. It helped me to trust myself bit by beat and leaded me to create workshops on my own.

So when Julien and Bryan asked me to manage their band and to join them to teach my workshops on their musics, I was thrilled to say “yes” ! Furthermore I really feel the Trio Baladins’s autenticity and each and everyone of them completely express themselves through their music in a beautiful and simple way.

I love the fact that I can do the same with them through my way of dancing and teaching.

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